Lykilorð: Molecular biology

Structure of the host E3 Ubiquitin ligase complex recruited by the maedi-visna virus Vif protein

Modelling APRT deficiency in kidney cells in vitro

Effects of novel macrolide compounds on barrier enhancement in colon epithelium

Contextual role of azithromycin as an inhibitor of epithelial to mesenchymal transition in respiratory epithelium

ALKBH3 and FTO: New epitranscriptomic regulators of DNA double strand break response

Lack of Mitf affects the expression of innate immune genes in olfactory bulb

SLC13A5 in the human brain – a road map to in vitro models

Mitf regulates cell identity and activity in projection neurons of olfactory bulb

The role of MITF in melanoma adaptive immune evasion

MITFs non-melanocyte role as a maintainer of genome integrity

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