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Randomized clinical trial comparing pre-heated and room temperature class II composite resin restorations

Drug eluting nanofibrous membrane for sustainable endothelialization in a biomimetic blood propulsion system

A deep learning-based MRI segmentation method for the brainstem and other deep brain structures

Assessment of preoperative potentially inappropriate prescribing patterns based on Beers criteria in Older Surgical Patients

Engineered extracellular vesicles from a HEK293 cell line as a potential nanosized drug delivery system to tackle specific cancer subtypes

A Deep Learning Model for Real-Time Diagnosis of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Implementation of a UPLC-MS/MS-Based Plasma Assay for Therapeutic Monitoring in Patients with APRT Deficiency

Investigation of the endothelial response mechanism to high levels of catecholamines, as observed in patients suffering from shock-induced endotheliopathy (SHINE)

Sex-dependent differences in hip muscle strength and activation in young athletes – influence on functional task performance.

Is ultrasound ultra-reliable? An inter-rater reliability study of Achilles tendon thickness measurements

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