Biomedical and Health Sciences Conference

The 20th Biomedical and Health Sciences conference took place on 2 and 3 June, in live stream and in Hilton Nordica Hotel.

Around 1000 participants get together at the conference and discuss the latest developments in biomedical and health sciences in Iceland. Participation in the conference is free of charge and it is open for everyone. 

Around 250 research presentations

The programme included around 250 research presentations, with around 100 of them presented in English.

The topics covered most aspects of biomedical and health sciences, including everything from molecular biology and genetics to rehabilitation, internal medicine and mental and physical health during the lifespan.

Many sessions were interdisciplinary in order to connect people from different fields.

All research abstracts are available on the webiste.

Focus on Covid-19

The latest research findings related to Covid-19 epidemic were in focus on the conference.

Three session were entirely dedicated to Covid-19. Two interesting guest lectures also covered topics related to the epidemic.

Ingileif Jónsdóttir, Professor in Immunulogy at the UI Faculty of Medicine and Head of Division of Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases at deCODE genetics, spoke about vaccinations and Covid-19.

Örn Almarsson, Chemist and Chief Technology Officer at Lyndra Therapeutics, USA, spoke about a journey in drug delivery for the past quarter century.

Open lectures for the public

The public was invited to attend open lectures where topics from biomedical and health sciences are introduced in an accessible way. 

Kristín Briem, Professor in Physical Therapy at the UI Faculty of Medicine, spoke about serious knee injury, their cause, consequences and preventative measures.

Inga B. Árnadóttir, Professor in Odontology at the UI Faculty of Odontology, spoke about the effects energy drinks have to dental health.

Teaching methods of the future

Nine lectures were part of an interesting guest session on improvements in teaching and active teaching methods.

Dr. Adam Cheng, Professor of pediatrics at the University of Calgary and a specialist in simulation also spoke about simulation in health sciences.

Diverse sessions

The programme included 46 session in various fields of biomedical and health sciences. Including 13 entirely in English.

The English session focused for example on Covid-19, Immunology, Public Health, Genetics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Children, Cancer, Psychology, Molecular Biology, Movement Science, Cardio- Vascular Diseases, Pharmaceutical analysis and Health Care.

Conference for 20 years

The Biomedical and Health Sciences conference took place for 20th time in June 2021. The conference is well established as the largest event in the field in Iceland.

The conference was streamed live for the first time in 2021.

Awards for promising scientists

It has become tradition to reward promising scientist participating in the conference for their research projects. Four scientists were rewarded at the last conference:  

Berglind Soffía Blöndal

PhD student in nutrition at the Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, received the award from the Ministry of Health.

Guðjón Reykdal Óskarsson

PhD student in Medical Life Sciences at The Faculty of Medicine, received the award from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

Kristján Godsk Rögnvaldsson

PhD student in Medical Sciences at The Faculty of Medicine, received the award from Þorkelssjóður.

Salvör Rafnsdóttir

PhD student in Medical Sciences at The Faculty of Medicine, received the Hvatningarverðlaun Jóhanns Axelssonar award.

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