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Líf - og heilbrigðisvísindaráðstefna Háskóla Íslands 2021




A biological role for lysyl oxidase-like1 enzyme in the migration and invasion of trophoblast cells

Main author: Hallfríður Ingólfsdóttir
Preeclampsia is a pregnancy disease which is associated with fetal and maternal morbidity where trophoblast invasion is impaired. We show that the catalytic enzyme lysyl oxidase-like 1 plays a crucial role in trophoblast invasion and spiral artery remodeling during placental development.


Biodegradable CO2-sourced polymers for medical applications

Andrés Castro Ruiz. This work is focuses on the catalytic study of bio-inspired cobalt amino acids complexes to copolymerize waste CO2 and epoxides in homogeneous system to make biodegradable polymers for medical applications.


Determining causal proteins for myocardial infarction via Mendelian randomization

Main author: Þórarinn Jónmundsson
Description: Preliminary causal associations between various serum proteins and myocardial infarction are examined via Mendelian randomization, a statistical method designed to address the unavailability of randomized controlled trials for observational data.


Development of a specialized mouse model to test postnatal malleability in Wiedemann-Steiner syndrome

Main author: Tinna Reynisdóttir. Here we describe a newly developed mouse model for Wiedemann-Steiner syndrome. The model has a removable loss of function disease causing variant and we plan to test the hypothesis of postnatal malleability of the disease.


Expression of APRIL, plasma cell survival factor, is limited in early life

The authors studied age-dependent maturation of accessory cells of the plasma cell survival niche and secretion of survival factors APRIL and IL-6 using a neonatal mouse model. They found that APRIL secretion is limited in early life, which likely contributes to limited survival of plasma cells and transient antibody responses.


Peroxidasin enhances basal phenotype and inhibits branching morphogenesis in breast epithelial progenitor cell line D492

Aðalhöfundur: Anna Karen Sigurðardóttir
In this study we have discovered a previously unknown role of peroxidasin in the human breast. We demonstrate that PXDN induces basal phenotype in the epithelial progenitor cell line D492, leading to luminal and myoepithelial differentiation inhibition and loss of branching morphogenesis


Previously unidentified isoforms of GABARAP show high expression levels compared to the identified protein isoform

Þengill Fannar Jónsson. An isoform specific analysis of the autophagy gene GABARAP revealed an unexpected pattern of isoform expression. The identified protein isoform is the least expressed as compared to, two alternative protein coding isoforms.


Role of Rhox genes in primordial germ cell specification

Thejus. B Venkatesh. Primordial germ cells (PGCs) are the precursors of gametes. During this project we will be focusing on understanding the transcription factors concerned with PGC specification, particularly Reproductive homeobox genes (Rhox).


The role of IDRs in the pioneer transcription factor PU.1

Main Author: Sigridur Hlynsdottir. PU.1 is a pioneer transcription factor in the hematopoietic lineage, implicated in various blood disorders and diseases. We intend to unravel the interactions of PU.1 and nucleosomes, including the role of its intrinsically disordered regions.


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