The Conference

19. líf- og heilbrigðisvísindaráðstefna Háskóla Íslands

The 19th biomedical and health sciences conference will be held on 3 and 4 January 2019 in Háskólatorg. Around 1000 participants get together and discuss the latest developments in biomedical and health sciences in Iceland. Participation in the conference is free of charge and it is open for everyone.

Around 300 studies presented

The conference programme is very diverse with around 300 studies presented. The topics are from most disciplines of biomedical and health sciences, for example pregnancy and birth, mental health, sports, nutrition, dental health, pharmaceutical sciences and bioactivity, health care services, molecular biology, immunology and rehabilitation. The abstracts are published in a supplement of the Icelandic Medical journal which is distributed at the conference.

Interesting keynote lectures

Interesting key note lectures, often followed with a lively discussion, have been a part of the conference. At the last conference Davíð Ottó Arnar, chief of Cardiology at Landspitali University Hospital and guest professor at the Faculty of Medicine had a presentation on transforming genetic information into practical clinical information and Helgi Tómasson, professor in econometrics and statistics had a presentation on how the concepts significance and p-values are used in conclusions of studies which are based on measurements.

Open lectures for the public

The public is invited to participate in the conference and attend an open lecture. The topics are relevant to the general public and presented in an accessible manner. During the last conference around 200 people listened to open lectures from Erna Magnúsdóttir, associate professor at the the Faculty of Medicine and Ragna B. Garðarsdóttir associate professor at the Faculty of Psychology. Erna talked about stem cell research. She discussed the role of stem cells in the human body and how stem cells can be used in therapies and research and the progress in genetic research. Ragna talked about happiness and self-image in a society of high consumption. She discussed her own studies on psychological consequences of consumerism and associations between materialism and happiness, body image and debt accumulation.

Promising scientists rewarded

The tradition has been created that promising scientists are rewarded for their research at the end of the conference. At the last conference four promising scientists were rewarded for their research.